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About us

Your child is in love and the caring hand of  Kid's House.


Our values

Caring and generous attitude towards children

A warm and loving atmosphere, full support, and a secure environment help kids to grow independent without restrictions. That creates a protective atmosphere. Which assists children to discover hidden talents and motivation. Shape a solid base for worldview and value system. 


Individual approach to every child


In the Kids House, each child gets a personal approach. Every kid is unique in his own way and his own needs. That is why we try to understand and learn about every kid through communication with children and even their parents.

Professionalism and continuous self-improvement and development


We are sure that continuous learning is beneficial both for kids and our team members. Because only mature, reliable, and solemn adults can be a good example for children.
Kids house members are skillful, creative, qualified, and experienced personas who regularly attend new training and expand their knowledge. 

The monthly rent of the kindergarten is 140,000 drams.

Our team

In Kids House there are experienced professionals who contribute to the right development of children. Our educators give an individual approach to each child. So, be sure that your child is in love and the caring hand of  Kids House.


For growing organism of children healthy food is an important factor. So, it is essential to use right amounts of vitamins, minerals, and microspheres. By bringing your child to Kid's House, you can be sure that your children will eat healthy food.

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